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Lori Cole

Logistics & Project Management

Lori Cole is a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in tour management and production logistics. She has worked as a Tour Manager, Road Manager, Company Manager, and Personal Assistant to A-List clients, bringing a wealth of knowledge and supervisory skills to her current role as Logistics and Project Management specialist at Chef Mumsie’s Brands.


Lori’s professional background includes serving as Director of Sales, Account Coordinator, and Regional Manager, where she honed her people skills, dependability, and attention to detail. Her experience includes three years in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Logistics Coordinator Support Services for the Department of State Contract position. Her proven initiative in solving problems and strong organizational skills make her a valuable asset to the company.


As a hard-working and outgoing individual, Lori’s approach to achieving goals is grounded in her belief in setting clear objectives and working collaboratively with others to achieve them. Her extensive travel experience and adaptability make her well-suited for the fast-paced environment of the food industry.


Lori’s commitment to making creative ideas successful and profitable is evident in her work at Chef Mumsie’s Brands, where she has become an integral part of the team. Her dedication, knowledge, and skills continue to support the company’s growth and development.