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Phillis McCullon

Director of Marketing

Phillis, a marketing and advertising virtuoso, began her journey in 2002 as a project manager. She soon discovered her innate talent for graphic design and crafting captivating ads, leading her to establish a successful minority-run business. Over the years, she honed her skills, gaining extensive experience in web design, branding, and marketing campaigns.


Her dedication to nurturing her team’s growth in graphic design, coupled with her expertise in marketing and project management, has transformed her into an inspiring and dynamic leader. Phillis has a unique ability to strike a balance between productivity and creativity, which has significantly contributed to her professional success.


The pandemic marked a turning point in Phillis’s career as she found a new passion working with Chef Mumsie’s Brands. In her role as Director of Marketing, Phillis channels her vast experience and skills to promote culinary events and elevate the brand to new heights. She seamlessly integrates cutting-edge industry software into her marketing strategies, ensuring that Chef Mumsie’s Brands stays ahead of the curve.


As a managing partner, Phillis’s creativity and leadership continue to be invaluable assets to the company’s government contracting services. Her story serves as an inspiration for others, showcasing the incredible achievements of a black woman leading a minority-run business and breaking barriers in the marketing and advertising industry.