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Samuel Nelson

Art Director

Sam Nelson is a distinguished and award-winning Art Director, boasting a remarkable career spanning nearly three decades. His unwavering dedication is evident in his passion for crafting impactful creative solutions that resonate with businesses across a multitude of industries. With a solid foundation rooted in art and design, Sam’s skills have been meticulously honed through formal education at La Sierra University in Riverside, California, and the illustrious Art Center in Pasadena, California, renowned for its commitment to cutting-edge design and technology.


However, Sam’s journey into the world of creativity began long before his formal education. From an early age, he instinctively lent his design and creative talents to family and friends. This innate drive eventually transformed into a relentless pursuit, where he harnessed the power of design and seamlessly integrated it with business acumen.


For over 25 years, Sam has owned and operated a thriving design firm, serving as a testament to his enduring commitment to the artistry of marketing and design services. His journey encompasses not just formal education but also hands-on experience, making him a true maestro in his field.


One of Sam’s defining strengths lies in his exceptional ability to bridge the gap between creative ingenuity and efficient project management. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, he effortlessly marries the realms of art with the pragmatic aspects of business, all while maintaining an unwavering focus on meeting customer needs and desires. His approach is characterized by traditional art direction complemented by meticulous attention to detail, culminating in visually striking experiences that captivate both the eyes and hearts of customers.



Throughout his illustrious career, Sam has collaborated with a diverse spectrum of businesses, ranging from small family-owned enterprises to industry giants such as Mattel, Universal Pictures, Sun Microsystems, and Shoei Helmets. His expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing government contracting where he has worked successfully with agencies like the USDA on web development projects.


In his role as the Creative Director at Chef Mumsie’s Brands, Sam brings his exceptional creative prowess to the culinary and event promotion industry. With his dedication to managing creative content and brand management, Sam is committed to elevating Chef Mumsie’s Brands to new heights. His unwavering commitment to elevating brands and leaving a lasting impact is the driving force behind his work, from inception to triumphant completion.